I Build Value From Systems

Hey, I’m Shubham
I’m an Engineer who architect, maintain and develop backend systems.

Currently a Reliability Engineer at GoDaddy


Hi, I’m Shubham.

A multidisciplinary engineer who hacks, builds, and enhance the tech.

Working day-in, day-out on Linux machines to build infrastructure, develop applications, run services and add automate persistent stuff.

I feel excited doing my work, hence loves to deliver creative and amazing results. 


I have done just more than scripting and automation. Have developed large customer facing backends using Go and Python.


Have provided infrastructure support to other products in setting up their deployments, configurations, server setups and monitoring.

System engineering

Have years of experience working on large clusters of Linux servers doing setups, maintenance, improvements and debugging.

My Work

While mostly I have been involved doing projects for my employer, I have managed to do some for myself on boring weekends.

They might be simple one but It’s worth to have a look at them.

Though I am not all about work

On weekends I play games or go for cricket. While I also likes to keep myself fit so I do running and workout listening my favourite tracks. But above anything I love eating pizza and watching shows. So If we meet someday, it will be fun to have a chat while having some coffee and pizza to eat.

People I have worked with

Have ANything Interesting ?

If you want to discuss over some interesting project or having a job opportunity which might interest me.

let’s have a call or meet me over a cup of tea. I would love to hear from you.

Looking to Work with me ?

If you are having a job opportunity or project, here is my resume. Feel free to reach out if you have any queries for me.