Stock Rate

Stockrate is a golang module for reading price and necessary valuations
for symbols listed on Indian stock market indexes. It covers all stocks listed on NSE and BSE.

Website Scraper

A system to execute regular HTTP based scans on websites to gain the site insights. Application spawn workers to run a high speed scan and can run over large number of websites.

Python,  CockroachDB,  Flask,  Prometheus



This is a simple REST API implementation in golang build around all the necessary elements for a stable robust API.

Golang,  Docker,  Postgres,  Prometheus


Survey Engine

A java project for conducting and filling surveys. A user can create and conduct a survey which can be filled by other application users.

Chef Repo

A Chef repo containing cookbook to configure and setup LAMP architecture.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Hadoop

Twitter Sentiment Analysis on a multinode cluster using Hadoop, Hive and Flume to store and process. large batch of tweets.

Transport Automation System

This project is based on existing manual transportation and replace it with an application where the Cargo Booking & Cargo deliveries can be handled.

Spell Corrector

Program that can correct the wrong Spelled Words and provide the best
possible correct word based on the different combinations probability.

Apache Setup Automation

A bash script to install Apache and manage and create Virtual Hosts and their configurations.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Spark and Scala

Twitter Sentiment Analysis on a multinode cluster using Hadoop, Spark and Scala to store and process. large batch of tweets.

Weather Application

A java Gui based Weather application with dynamic backgrounds and weather icons.

Java, OpenWeatherMap API


Music Player

A java Gui based Music Player widget.

Jitsi Meeting Setup

Configured and setup a jitsi meeting server over AWS during the arrival of covid. Idea was to provide a safe reliable server for meetings for my family and friends. Though URL was open and reachable to all.

Jitsi, AWS


Automation Scripts

Here I will add automation scripts that I have developed to perform some setup work.