Reliable personality

He has a calm and welcoming personality who think around every problem logically and work in order to obtain a solution.

Pallavi Priyanka Gupta
SAP consultant

Born Leader

I have performed projects with him and his work has always been of quality. His project estimations were always on point.

Amandeep Rikhi
Cyber Group
Senior Software Developer

A Team Player

We are working in team since 3 years and I enjoyed working with him. His development skills has always been a great asset for team.

Amit Kumar Sharma
OpsDev Engineer

My Watch Partner

I have been his monitoring partner for an year. He enjoys his work so always remains active and vigilant and so made the shifts look easy.

Rohit Ranjan
Senior Site Reliability Engineer

If you have ever worked with me in past, then kindly share your honest experience. That way your precious words will remain with me forever and will help me to improve.