My name is Shubham Gosain, I am an Engineer from Delhi, who loves to architect, develop and manage backend systems.

Professionally I am working as Senior DevOps Engineer at where I design and develop solutions for products, provide infrastructure support to product’s teams and ensure continuous delivery while keep ensuring application reliability using correct practices.

I love the process of evolving a plan into perfectly working solution. It pays off all the hardwork and makes me enjoy my field of work.


Site reliability engineer – III

GoDaddy  |   Aug 2022 – Present

DEVOPS ENGINEER – III  |   Jan 2022 – Aug 2022

  • Working as DevOps for WordPress product.

I act as DevOps point-of-contact for Product

Ensure the product operational monitoring in Prometheus and Grafana

Configure and maintain their production and test servers running on Linux, Kubernetes and Chef

Automating build and deployment using Docker and Gitlab

Participation in feature deliberation, identify risks and security aspects, ensure GDPR

Create local docker development setups

Bridge technology gaps between developers & System Engineers

Add, collect and maintain product analytics using Python, Postgres, PHP and Metabase

  • Acting as a Backend Developer for WordPress Product

Develop and maintain high stake backends written in Golang

Develop regular backends + automation scripts in Python

Design and Define application(s) architecture

DEVOPS ENGINEER II  |   Oct 2019 – Dec 2021

  • Worked as DevOps person for our products ensuring their operational monitoring, configure and maintain their production and test servers, automating deployment, participation in feature deliberation, identify risks and security aspects, ensure GDPR, local setups and bridge technology gaps between development & engineering teams.

Have worked along three product teams ensuring their application monitoring, deployment and infrastructure requirements. Was responsible for

Major Skills Involved – Linux system administration, Gitlab CI/CD, Chef, Prometheus, Grafana, Analytics

  • Designed and developed technical solutions for automating various processes across products and teams.

Developed utility scripts and maintained dashboard for System-Administrator team.

Picked and completed half left development of tracking bot for support team.

Developed a system for collecting and visualizing products analytics.

Developed a number of applications in Golang and Python for our WordPress product,

Leading a major Node.js project transition from Denmark to India successfully.

  • Gave support to the operations team via servers monitoring and handling customer’s server support.

Handling customer escalations and server monitoring helped develop my debugging skills. While also this let me learn and work around entire infrastructure.

Skills Involved – Linux system administration, Monitoring via Nagios and Prometheus, Bash and Python scripting, Chef

  • Conduct hiring and induction for new joining, ensure up-to-date documentation of work.

Duration : June 2019 – Dec 2020

Have made sure to document all the applications and products with SOPs for application alerts and behaviours along necessary diagrams and flows. Also have been involved in induction and training for new joiners and interns along taking technical interviews for team.

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR II  |   Oct 2018 – Sept 2019

  • Participate in 24/7 monitoring of all of the infrastructure

Handled 24/7 server monitoring in rotational shifts. Was responsible to monitor around ~6000 nodes in a team of 2 and the job demanded a lot of responsibility, skills and patience. This helped me develop my debugging skills while also this let me learn and work around entire infrastructure.

Major Skills Involved – Linux server administration, Monitoring via Nagios and Prometheus, Grafana, Bash+Python scripting, Chef, Varnish, Apache etc

  • Handle top level customer support escalations

Were acting as top tier support handling customer escalations which other 2 dedicated support tiers couldn’t solved. Having full access to servers allows to check the debug the issue in depth and come with a solution. Handling customer escalations and server monitoring helped develop my debugging skills

Skills Involved – Linux system administration, PHP, Apache

Operations Engineer Intern  |   Jun 2018 – Sep 2018

  • Scaled skills on Linux administration, bash and services like web, mail, DNS, database, monitoring etc. Have ace through weekly assessments and hands-on conducted during entire term of internship.
  • Have performed a project for creating a web hosting product including all the necessary services.
  • Based on performance have been offered to work full-time.


Some Of The Major Projects I Have Worked On ….


Redeveloped Backend API for one of our most popular product offering WordPress. The old API was required to be improved while upgrading it to latest Go version along redevelopment of its config, routes, response, monitoring and package structure. Application handles a traffic of ~2M requests/day.

Skills Involved – Golang, Docker, Kuberenetes, Prometheus, Chef


A scanner written in python to regularly scan websites and identify the CMS running on them to perform certain operations based on obtained results. It scans ~1.5M websites in a month.

Skills Involved – Python, CockroachDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Analytics, Prometheus, Chef


An application to run regular uptime checks on websites and notify the customer if it’s DOWN followed by a notification when it’s UP again.

Skills Involved – Golang, CockroachDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus


An application to install our WordPress with our custom overlays. It is a crucial backend for our product to allow customer install WordPress with just few clicks.

Skills Involved – Golang, CockroachDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus


Developed an issue tracker for customer support to track, manage and handle the escalation tickets. It also provided utility commands helpful to supporters.

Skills Involved  – Python, Postgres, Chef, build and Gitlab CI/CD


Worked on developing an automated analytics system to visualize product analytics. Along this have separately worked on an collector scripts to collect and store the analytics

Skills Involved – Python, PHP, Chef, build and Gitlab CI/CD


Worked on a website to provide necessary features and utility to operations team in order to perform their routine tasks. for monitoring and support.

Skills Involved – Golang, JS




Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University   |   2014 – 2018

AGGREGATE – 78.6 %


Kendriya Vidyalaya   |   2012 – 2014

AGGREGATE – 89.6 %


Kendriya Vidyalaya   |   2012

AGGREGATE – 85.6 %


RUNNING  I go for a daily run or walk as its a stress buster for me

SPORTS  while I like to play all the sports but I love cricket in specific

MOVIES & SERIES  have just started with anime binge watch

GAMES  sometimes on weekend with friends

CODE  I love to write whenever I come across an interesting idea

MUSIC  mostly while running or working

LISTENING PODCASTS  they always make me learn something